What Is a Bath Bomb From The Hawaiian Soap & Trading Company? 

It’s a luxurious, island-inspired, sensory bath time experience like no other! Our artisan-made bath bombs are handmade with Aloha (Hawaiian for love) and offer a spa-style transport directly to heavenly paradise without leaving your own bathtub. 

Our handmade, cruelty-free, and completely USA-made bath bombs are the size of tennis balls (4.5 ounces+), round, and super fizzy and colorful when you drop one into your bath water. A Hawaiian-inspired bathing experience for all those who need to slip away to paradise...one bath at a time.

How Do I Use the Aromatherapy Shower Bombs?

Aromatherapy Shower Bombs: Place your new Hawaiian Soap & Trading Company Shower Bomb away from the stream of water. Allow your shower bomb to get as much steam as possible so it releases aromatherapy. A water-free shelf or soap saver will make your shower bomb last even longer. Enjoy!

​Getting the Most Out Of Your Natural Sea Sponge Soaps:

Natural Florida Sea Sponge Soaps: Your new Hawaiian Soap & Trading Company Natural Sea Sponge Soap is handmade with cruelty-free goats' milk, extra virgin olive oil, and coconut milk with an embedded, natural, Florida sea sponge, which will not mold, is antibacterial, and hypoallergenic. 

Wet your sponge soap to begin creating a thick, rich lather. Use the soap side on your body. Once you've created a rich lather there, flip it over and use its natural sea sponge as your built-in washcloth. Enjoy your soap's wonderful fragrance as aromatherapy. Keep your sponge for years to come and clean it as-needed with baking soda and warm water.

Tell Me About Lye. Is It Safe and Necessary in Soap?

It sure is! Lye is safe, customary, and absolutely necessary when it comes to making soaps. To make soap, a chemical reaction between an oil (or oils, such as coconut oil, organic Shea butter, olive oil, and more) and lye must take place. This process is called saponification. Without lye, soap isn't soap, including even the most natural and handmade soaps, which we offer. Store soaps contain lye and finding this ingredient on the label can take some decoding.  It may be listed as ingredients named "sodium palmate" or "saponified olive oil," which are the chemical names for mixing palm or olive oil with sodium hydroxide (lye). 

During the saponification (soap curing) process, the lye and oils transform into soap and what was lye is no more. Pretty cool, huh? Now you know!

While not all of our handmade soaps include lye, we thought it important to offer some education on this interesting and relevant topic.

What Is The Return & Refund Policy?

All returns will be accepted within 30-Days, for unused, undamaged products in their original packaging.  The Hawaiian Soap & Trading Company is not responsible for shipping returns or exchanges.

Email us at aloha@hawaiiansoapco.com with your request to return or exchange.  

Send the unused and unopened products to 4N 2nd Street, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034 for our analysis of the issue for a refund or exchange.  

Please supply the following information to aloha@hawaiiansoapco.com:

1. Order ID
2. Name of Product
3. Reason for Return
4. Any comments or feedback you’d like to include


Are The Hawaiian Soap & Trading Company Products Cruelty-Free & Environmentally-Friendly?

Yes! Our products are made from unique formulas and the ingredients we use are earth-friendly and cruelty-free for animals, including our goats' milk soaps. Our products include essential oils and ingredients that are all sustainably sourced in the interest of protecting the earth's habitats and wildlife. All of our packaging is either biodegradable, compostable or recyclable, and even BPA free. We wrap our soaps in Biolefin™ 2.0, a custom-formulated oxo-biodegradeable polyolefin shrink film using Wells Plastics Reverte Technology and in the interest of protecting our world. Our store bags and tissues are made of 100% recycled materials.

Are Your Products Unisex?

Yes! Everyone loves all of the high-quality products in our product line. They make excellent gifts for everyone on your list.