Island Fairy Hair


Add some Sparkle to your hair with our High-Quality Fairy Hair.  Each application will provide the color of your choice in two strands of Fairy Hair.  Each strand is heat tolerant and are individually tied to a strand of your hair.  Mix it up and get multiple colors if you'd like!!

The life of the Fairy Hair depends on the strand of hair it is tied to.  You can cut, dye, curl, and flat iron your hair with the Fairy Hair in it.  

Our pricing:

$20.00 for 10 strands / 5 applications 

$30.00 for 16 strands / 8 applications

$40.00 for 20 strands / 10 applications- Our most popular package

$50.00 for 36 strands / 18 applications

$60.00 for 40 strands / 20 applications

We do take walk-ins however we prefer appointments.  Please visit our calendar to make an appointment : available appointments

Please specify when making an appointment as to how many strands you would like.

We look forward to seeing you.