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Mintabie Bangle

Mintabie Bangle

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The Cluster collection combines brilliant gold covered crystal shapes with the smooth dark texture of concrete.

The chunkiness of BoldB's Mintablie Bangle beautifully emphasizes the delicate golden crystal shapes warping around the entire piece. This large accessory is sure to create a dramatic look when worn around your wrist. The bangle comes in size Medium with an inner diameter of 61mm.

Hand-crafted in Australia for a good cause, The Cluster Collection was inspired by Australia’s profuse and diverse natural treasures hidden in the ground.  Each Design bears its name from a region in Australia rich in a particular precious stone or metal. The bangle has been named after an Opal mining community called Mintabie in South Australia. The region has produced some of the World’s finest opals which attract collectors all over the world.

Each item sold from BoldB's Cluster Collection will fund a girl’s secondary school education for a day in a low-income community, through their partnership with non-profit organization Room to Read.


  • Material: Concrete and golden paint
  • Inner diameter: 61mm
  • Size: Medium


  • Height: 22 mm
  • Width: 87 mm
  • Depth: 87 mm
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