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Mountainside Lavender Mint

Mountainside Lavender Mint

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This wonderful lavender mint aromatherapy lathering soap by The Hawaiian Soap & Trading Company will soothe you like a purring kitten as you are refreshed by the calming fragrances of lavender and natural, sweet peppermint oil.

Fragrance: Lavender and mint

Ingredients: Every batch of soap includes the following ingredients: organic Shea butter, hemp oil, olive oil, soybean oil, coconut oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, water and sodium hydroxide.

Specific batches of our soap contain: Fragrance, sea salt, juniper berries, ground oatmeal, and activated charcoal

All of our bar soaps come individually packaged with a cardstock ingredient wrapper and tissue.

Organic Shea butter is in every bar of soap! Our soap is made from a completely unique formula and the ingredients we use are earth friendly. 

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