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Almond Cherry Sea Sponge Soap

Almond Cherry Sea Sponge Soap

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sea sponge soap

Almond Cherry Sea Sponge Soap is Amazing- it lathers generously smelling sweet!

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Our "Natural Sea Sponge Soaps" are made with real, Gulf-of-Mexico soft sea sponges and large bars of handmade soap (7.5-8 ounces), each created with olive oil and goats milk. The super soft sponges are part or "married" to the soap and make a whole body, built-in wash cloth! They provide a thick, creamy, and bubbly lather, leaving you with a perfect clean and hydrated skin. Long after you are finished using your bar of olive oil and goats milk soap, your sponge will go on to be used time and time again. We hope you'll try every fragrance we offer. 

Size: A full 7.5-8.0 ounce bar of soap. Don't forget your soap saver to extend the life of your soap!

Note: As each are handmade and feature a real sponge, each varies in look and shape.

Ingredients: A completely vegan and detergent free, olive oil and goats' milk soap, with an anti-microbial sea sponge. Our Natural Sea Sponge Soaps are made with goats milk, olive oil, glycerin, vegetable glycerin, coconut oil, purified water, and fragrance oils.

Sustainably Sourced Sea Sponges: Our sea sponges are always sustainably harvested. Obtaining each is "like giving each sponge a slight haircut" and promotes growth of the sponges. They are anti-microbial, toxin free, hypo-allergenic, and are natural, soft exfoliators, making them perfect even for babies and those with sensitive skin. They're also super durable.

The Goats' Milk: Goats milk is full of essentials, including vitamin D, C, B1, B6, B12 and E and offers anti-inflammatory properties to reduce inflammation. It's also very soothing to, both, dry and damaged skin (but is great for all skin types). It helps maintain skin's natural pH balance and is a pure source of alpha-hydroxy acids for rejuvenating skin, making you feel smoother all over.

The Olive Oil: Olive oil contains antioxidants for fighting cell regeneration. It contains anti-inflammatory properties and is known to relieve symptoms of various skin issues. Olive oil will not clog your pores, but does leave a thin, protective layer on your skin to promote moisture protection.

All of our Natural Sea Sponges are wrapped in their own plastic freshness bag. 

Our soap is made from a completely unique formula and the ingredients we use are earth friendly. No reef was harmed to make our "Natural Sea Sponge Soap."

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